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Be memorable to any audience.
Turn difficult spectators into willing participants using simple and entertaining methods.
Learn how to use real impressions and make actual predictions

Connect deeply with others. 
and more!

"Personality Reading for Performers" teaches you how to use original readings methods as a way to connect deeply with your audience, and know their personality, no matter what type of performing you do!
In this important eBook Kenton and his Students detail how they use their readings tools in every type of performance, lecture, sales, life coaching or daily interaction.

Do readings without memorization or stock lines of any kind!

If you will apply the tools in this book even a little, your performances, large or small, will dramatically change for the better. 
Your everyday communications will get better too.  This amazing compilation collection and new material will radically alter the way you think of performing, connecting to others, or doing readings of any kind. 
 It is a must for all who wish to be mentalists or readers, as well as all other performers who simply need to connect more deeply with their audience in a novel, direct and entertaining way. 

 You can do personality and character reading styles, as well as psychic type readings and even predictions with this material.

Kenton brings meaning to magic and heartfelt connection to his audiences. The material in this ebook is full of top notch ideas and contains a wealth of experience for the reader.

Jeff McBride 

It's hard for a product to actually live up to the hyperbole in the blurb, but this one unquestionably does.

For those who don't do readings, let me clarify that you don't HAVE to do full readings. Though you could, this type of information is meant to enhance what you already do. Just adding one line or two during a routine will enhance that routine and make it more memorable.


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